Friday, March 5, 2010

Lightening McQueen (Part 1)

In December, my friend let us borrow the DVD Cars. It did not take long for Little Bumble (and Daddy) to become hooked to this movie. While doing some Christmas shopping at HEB, I saw the Lightening McQueen toy car (LM) and bought it for Little Bumble (LB). Let's just say a friendship was born. At first he called him "Light the Queen." Now he says, " Li-mum mu Queen."

Little Bumble will NOT let go of his car. LM goes everywhere we go. LM now eats at the table with us. LB gives LM a bath and scrubs his belly. He takes LM to Tumble Bear class and parks him in the garage (his velcro pocket in his pants).
Today at the park, a boy larger than LB tried to take LM. Little Bumble got a small scratch on his nose but that boy did not get LM. Little Bumble's feelings were hurt. He was crying and holding on to me so tight. He did not want to play anymore so we left the park.

LM and LB are napping now.

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  1. How cute! Eli used to call him "Li-Queen!" ;)